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How to Begin a 1031 Exchange

How do I begin the exchange process?

  1. Complete and submit the 1031 Exchange Information Sheet

  2. Send copy of Relinquished Property Contract for Sale and Purchase form, and a copy of the deed into the exchanger or other evidence of title, such as a title opinion or commitment by email to 1031ncexchange@ctt.com or by facsimile to 1-888-542-0192.

The exchange documents must be executed at or prior to closing on the relinquished property for a delayed or simultaneous exchange.

We require 7 days to prepare and forward the exchange documents. If your relinquished property closing will occur in less than 7 days, please contact Jeff Hrdlicka (1-336-931-0750).

If you have any questions or if your exchange involves a "reverse" exchange or a "build to suit" exchange, please contact Jeff Hrdlicka (1-336-931-0750).

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